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    About Kuzu Group

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    About Kuzu Group

    Thanks to an ever-growing track record of success based on high quality and reliable solutions, Kuzu Group steadily supports Turkey’s economic development dynamics.

    Having already achieved many notable successes to date, Kuzu Group aims to become the leader in all the fields it operates in by creating and implementing new trends and solutions in the right place at the right time. With new, innovative projects, the Group now sets its sights even higher.



    Durable, long-lasting structures and project solutions that serve as models for the industry

    Having adopted the core principle of creating durable, sustainable, functional and aesthetic living spaces, Kuzu Group has contributed to Turkey’s economic development with the many mass housing projects, schools, hospitals, and government buildings it has constructed since its establishment. To date, the Group has completed more than 500 construction projects and 100.000 housing units in 3 continents. With more than 10.000 employees and with a production capacity of 5000 houses per year, Kuzu Group continues to build innovative, high quality and unique design projects across the country and the world. Placing great importance on high quality and safety in building construction, the Group also sets a good model for other companies in the industry.

    The Company’s prestigious housing developments in Istanbul and Ankara reflect the innovative vision and original ideas of Kuzu Group. In addition to its high quality projects and the significant value it creates, the Group also stands out with its skillfully executed marketing strategy and high sales figures. All Kuzu Group residential development projects – Spradon Houses, Spradon Towers, Spradon Terrace Houses, Spradon Residence, Spradon Quartz, Spradon Vadi, and Divan Residence in Istanbul; and Park Vadi Houses, Park Vadi Premium, Park Vadi West Houses, Divan Houses and Divan Shopping Center in Ankara – have brought well-deserved success to the Group thanks to their high quality design and construction, recreational and landscaped areas, and the comfortable living environment they provide to residents. Kuzu Group has become a sought-after brand with its innovative, ecofriendly building solutions, unique architectural designs and living spaces that everyone dreams of.


    11,5 Million m2

    In 2014, Kuzu Group commenced work on three new large-scale projects: SeaPearl Ataköy project, which the Group is constructing in Ataköy, Istanbul in partnership with Qatari Diar; and the first LEED Gold target project Kuzu Effect and Kumru Ankara projects in Ankara. With these new projects, Kuzu Group aims to further solidify its well-deserved position as a highly reputable sector leader.

    Kuzu Group preserves its prestigious position in the sector by being among “The World’s Top 250 International Contractors List” of Engineering News Record (ENR). It has climbed 21 places in ENR’s “The World’s Top 250 International Contractors List” since 2015 and ranked 130th.

    Seapearl Ataköy which is a sole seafront project in Istanbul, also ranked as the highest income potential project in Istanbul by Forbes Turkey Magazine in 2015 and 2016.

    In line with its target of contributing to the achievement of cleaner environment, Kuzu Group has been constructing and operating water treatment facilities since 2003.

    Kuzu Group shapes all of its business processes around an eco-friendly approach, blending this ecological sensibility with investment foresight to enter into environmental technologies, which is set to become one of the key business lines of the future. The Group places a special focus on water treatment operations designed to purify and recycle water – the primary source of life – following its use in households or industry. By placing immense importance and prioritizing this issue, the Group has today become Turkey’s largest private operator and builder of wastewater treatment plants.

    From 2003 to 2013, the Group operated all wastewater treatment plants of Istanbul’s İSKİ administration. Also Group accomplished the construction of the largest WWTP’s belong to ISKI in İstanbul and ASAT in Antalya.

    Kuzu Group expanded its business into Bursa and began to operate all of BUSKİ’s wastewater and drinking water treatment plants.

    Kuzu Group continued to take pioneering steps in water treatment, It accomplished the construction of Turkey’s first and the only Fluidized Bed Sludge Incineration and the Power Generation Plant in Bursa and set into operation in 2017.

    Kuzu Group has been awarded the tender for Western Tehran Wastewater Treatment Plant construction in 2016. The project which has a contract value of 125 Million Euro is financed by Islamic Development Bank will be the largest WWTP in Iran. Project design and the construction was started in 2017.

    Kuzu Group, was also awarded the tender for construction of ISKI Baltalimanı Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2017.

    In 2017, Group took all the operations of wastewater treatment plants in European side of Istanbul belong to İSKİ.

    The satellite city projects constructed in the cities of Pardis and Parand in Tehran/Iran and Khemis Al Khechna, Blida, Reghaia in Algeria, are proof of KUZU Group’s endeavours to contribute to the development of not only Turkey, but the entire world. Adopting a global vision in this sense, Kuzu Group intends to continuously increase its activities abroad.

    Having adopted a “sustainability” approach in all fields of activity it is engaged in, Kuzu Group has dedicated itself to work non-stop for the creation of a more liveable world while improving the welfare of all mankind.

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