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    Continuously working to enhance its eco-friendly urban development approach, Kuzu Group operates with the full awareness of its huge responsibility in preserving the balance between people and nature.

    Kuzu Group operates with the full awareness of its huge responsibility in maintaining the balance between people and nature. The effectiveness of Kuzu Group’s environmental policies was confirmed when it received TS-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification from TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) in 2004.

    In its business processes, the Group places great importance on the environment, implementing projects that boost the living standards of the community while also enriching nature in all the regions where it executes projects and operations. Reconciling the natural environment and technology with its innovative perspective and continuously improving its eco-friendly urban development approach, Kuzu Group operates with the full awareness of its huge responsibility in preserving the balance between people and nature. To this end, all Kuzu Group companies take measures necessary to minimize the possible negative impact of their operations on nature, utilize natural resources in the most efficient manner and minimize any damage to the environment.

    In today’s world, environmental pollution, irresponsible use of natural resources, and global warming threaten the life on earth. As a leading player in the construction industry, Kuzu Group develops all projects in accordance with the green building concept.

    Kuzu Group conducts in-depth studies to formulate permanent solutions that address Environmental pollution in Turkey, and to broaden social awareness on this important issue.

    The Group not only aligns all of its construction practices with a nature friendly approach, but also makes a permanent contribution to the environment by building highly energy efficient structures. Kuzu Group makes a point of constructing buildings using an eco-friendly, environmentally focused approach.

    Kuzu Group designed and developed Kuzu Effect LEED®, a prestigious development project consisting of residential housing units, offices and a business center. A specialized consultancy service was received to ensure the energy and water efficiency of the project at every stage: The project has been granted USGBC NC Gold certification in recognition of its excellence in these areas. Once completed, the project will be the first mixed-use building in Ankara to apply for LEED Gold certification, the most sought after eco-friendly building certificate in Turkey and worldwide. Thanks to the diversified assessment systems offered by the LEED Certification Scheme, LEED Certificates can be obtained for all kinds of structures. According to their characteristics, a building can receive certified, silver, gold or platinum level certificates on the basis of ratings by LEED AP.

    Sustainable terrains, water efficiency, interior space quality, innovation, layout and transport are just some of the key criteria for LEED Gold certification. SeaPearl Ataköy is also being built with eco – friendly materials that conform to the “green building” concept. Energy-efficient lighting and control systems are used throughout. Skylights are installed in common areas to maximize the use of natural light. The undulating exterior design allows fresh sea air to flow into the inner parts of Ataköy. Each apartment has its own terrace garden covered with natural grass, providing more green space across the entire development. Thanks to its deep know-how and experience, Kuzu Group demonstrated a rapid ascent in environmental technologies, which it has designated as a new strategic business line. It has assumed the construction, maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment plants in a number of cities including İstanbul, Antalya and Bursa. Today, the Group has established itself as the builder and operator of Turkey’s leading and largest wastewater treatment plants. Fully aware of its responsibility to contribute to the creation of a sustainable planet and clean waters, the Group conducts research on and puts into practice top efficiency technologies in wastewater treatment plants. In line with its entrepreneurial approach in the area of environmental technologies, Kuzu Group has assumed the operation for ten years of giant of water/day in order to preserve the natural balance of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus Strait.

    The Group also built in Istanbul six large wastewater treatment facilities with a 3 million resident (population equivalent) capacity in yet another of its environmentally-friendly projects. Meanwhile, in its wastewater treatment plants in Bursa, Kuzu Group treats 500,000 m3 wastewater treatment plants which treat 3 million m3 of water and eliminates 400 tons of treatment sludge each day. As such, the Group does its utmost and plays an important role in reducing the rising pollution in Bursa in particular and across the Marmara Sea as a whole.