BUSKİ Dobruca Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Located in Dobruca, it treats 500.000 m³ of drinking water in a day.

Operation Start Date: May 2017


Operation Ending Date: December 2021


Total Capacity: 500.000 m³ /day

Project Description


The Drinking Water Treatment Plant located in the Dobruca district, treats the surface water from the Doğancı Dam and was constructed to meet Bursa’s drinking and utility water needs. The 500,000 m3/day-capacity plant treats a total of 270,000 m3 of water per day. In the plant, the processes of enriching water with oxygen through aeration to improve its taste and smell, using chemical methods to eliminate water cloudiness resulting from suspended solid material in the water, and microbiological cleaning of water through disinfection are utilized.


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