Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to determine the terms and conditions related to the usage of the personal data that is shared with the company by the site users/members/visitors (“Data Owner”) during the operation of the website (“Site”) by  Kuzu Toplu Konut İnşaat Anonim Şirketi (“Company”) or the personal data produced by the company during the Data Owner’s usage of the site.

Related with the process of the personal data with this Privacy Policy, the Data Owner declares that he/she is enlightened and agrees the usage of his/her personal data as specified here.


Which Data Is Processed? 

The data that is deemed as personal data are listed under this title according to the Personal Data Protection Law and processed by the Company. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the “personal data” expression will include the following information within the context of the terms and conditions submitted within the scope of this Privacy Policy.

  • - Communication Form – Subject/Reason
  • - Communication Form – Contact Information
  • - Name/Surname
  • - E-Mail Address
  • - Telephone
  • - Communication Form – Request Text


Within the context of the 3rd and 7th articles of the Personal Data Protection Law the data that has become irreversibly anonymous will not be accepted as personal data in accordance with the mentioned Law terms and the processing activities related to this data will be executed without depending on this Privacy Policy terms.


Who can access to the data? 

The company can transfer the personal data of the Data Owner and the new data obtained by using this personal data  to the its business partners, shareholders, suppliers, Company authorities and the group companies with limitation for the execution of the purposes specified to the Data Owner in this Privacy Policy to obtain the mentioned services.


The Company can share this with the third parties such as, including the SMS senders, the outsource service providers, with the hosting providers (hosting services), legal offices, research companies and call centers to execute any of the purposes in this Privacy Policy and to develop the experience of the Data Owner (including improvement and personalization), to provide the security of the Data Owner, to determine the fraudulent and unauthorized usages, to research the operational assessment and  to remove the errors related to the Site services.
Providing that it is limited with the above mentioned purposes, the Data Owner accepts that he/she agrees in advance that the mentioned third parties can keep the personal data of the Data Owner at the servers in all over the world.


About the access to the data and requests of correction 


The Data Owner has the following rights by applying to the company:

  • To learn whether the personal data is processed or not,
  • If the personal data is processed, to request information related to this,
  • To learn the purpose of processing the personal data and whether the data is used for the suitable purpose or not,
  • To know the third persons that the personal data is transferred both inboard and abroad,
  • To request the data to be corrected, in case the personal data is processed incomplete or incorrect,
  • To request the erasure or destruction of the personal data within the framework of the terms subject to the related regulations,
  • To request the erasure and destruction operations performed according to the related regulations to be notified to the third parties to which the personal data is transferred to,
  • To object the result occurred against the person himself/herself by analyzing the processed data through automatic systems only,
  • To request the the recover of the loss happened due to processing the data against the laws.


He/she can use “The Form Related To The Applications To Be Made To The Data Responsible By The Personal Data Owner” to use his/her rights about the personal data.  The applications done in this direction is responded within 30 (thirty) days at the latest.  The detailed  information  about using the legal rights can be accessed from section with the title of “The Rights of the Personal Data Owners; Using These Rights and Assessment Methodology” of the Kuzu Toplu Konut İnşaat A.Ş. Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy at

The Data Owner commits that the information in this Privacy Policy is full, correct and update and he/she will immediately update the information if there are any changes.  In case that the Data Owner did not provide the update information, the Company will not have any responsibilities.
In case that the Data Owner has a request that will result for the company as not to use any of his/her personal data, the Data Owner declares that he/she may not benefit from the full operation of the Site and he/she has the full responsibility arising from this context.


The duration of keeping the personal data

The company will keep the personal data provided by the Data Owner throughout the period required by the processing purposes specified above.


In addition, in case that there is any dispute that may arise between the company and the Data Owner, the company can keep the personal data throughout the specified periods of limitations according to the related regulations and within the limitation for being able to execute the necessary defenses within the scope of disputes.


The Precautions and Commitments Related To The Data Security

The company commits the followings that are specified in the related regulations and expressed in this Privacy Policy:

  • - Not to process the personal data against the law,
  • - Not to access the personal data against the law and
  • - To take necessary technical and administrative precautions and have the necessary audits to provide the appropriate security level to ensure the protection of the personal data.


The company cannot declare and use outside the purpose of processing of this obtained personal data of the Data Owner against this Privacy Policy and terms of the Personal Data Protection Law.

In case that the links are given to the other applications via Site, the company does not have any responsibility for the privacy policy of the applications and their contents.


The amendments at the Privacy Policy


The company may change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time.  The Update Privacy Policy is in effect at the date of being presented to the Data Owner with any methods.