Chairman’s Message

  Chairman of the Board





Dear Stakeholders,


In the early days of 2023, the year in which we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we experienced the worst earthquake disaster in our history on the morning of February 6. On behalf of every member of Kuzu Group, I once again wish Allah’s mercy to all our lost citizens and offer my condolences to their families and loved ones they left behind. We mobilized all our means and resources to support search and rescue efforts. We have undertaken and will continue to undertake all kinds

of tasks to heal the wounds in the region, and we will continue to stand by our state and our nation. The unity of the century that emerged after the disaster of the century and enveloped the whole country was of course a clear reflection of the ancient character of our beloved nation and the legacy of our civilization. This spirit, which identifies us with our homeland and makes us proud to be a member of our beloved nation, has proved once again that we can overcome even the biggest

problems as long as we are together.


In addition to our national agenda, the world is going through a very challenging and uncertain period, both economically and socially. Cost increases, high inflation, reduced investments and supply chain problems inherited from the pandemic but caused by diplomatic and economic competition between countries make the future unpredictable. On top of all this, geopolitical tensions in almost every region globally and the environmental and social risks brought about by climate change make it difficult to plan in almost every sector. Türkiye produces strong policies not only in the

hot conflicts between Russia and Ukraine or Israel and Palestine, but also in the diplomatic crises in our region, geopolitical competition in the Middle

East and Africa, and energy routes. In this respect, its diplomatic weight in the world and its position as a leading country is gradually increasing. In addition to all these, we are entering the second century of our Republic, Türkiye’s century, in a

strong manner with the technologies we have developed, especially in the defense industry, and the renewable energy transformation, which is becoming increasingly important. As Kuzu Group, one of Türkiye’s and the world’s leading contracting and real estate development companies, we feel the strength of our country behind us at every step we take. We are proud of our achievements and excited to contribute to

the Turkish Century. In 2023, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we continued to develop projects both at home and abroad. We rose to 121st place in the “World’s Top 250 International Contractors” list compiled by Engineering News Record (ENR), the globally referenced construction industry magazine, after ranking 125th in the previous year.


Our projects in Uzbekistan and Montenegro continued as planned. In Türkiye, we continued our work within the scope of urban transformation.

Medicana Ataköy Hospital, which started its service in SeaPearl Ataköy, was our first hospital project in Istanbul. We were proud to add strength

to Türkiye’s healthcare system. Wastewater treatment systems, which play a very

important role in ensuring ecological balance, are an area in which we, as Kuzu Group, specialize and are proud of the contribution we make to

our country and the world... In 2023, we added Bursa Çınarcık Drinking Water Treatment Plant Construction to the list of our ongoing projects in Türkiye and abroad.

The most meaningful project we undertook last year was Adıyaman İndere Earthquake Residences. Together with our colleagues in the project, our work continues rapidly to complete our project, which every member of Kuzu Group

wholeheartedly supports, as soon as possible. In addition to the developments that continue at a dizzying pace on a global scale, humanity’s impact on the environment is also increasing due to the ongoing resource consumption. In all risk reports prepared in recent years, the topic of climate change is at the top. We feel the consequences of climate change with the negative impact on natural life, the negative effects on production, quality of life and sustainability of cities as a

result of extreme weather events and increasing drought.


The way we can have a healthier, fairer and better quality life in the future is through sustainability, renewable energy and corporate responsibility. As

Kuzu Group, sustainability is on our main agenda. By integrating environmentally friendly materials and the latest technologies into the construction environment, we are creating a new infrastructure that is environmentally sensitive and maximizes

social responsibility with our recycling and saving projects.

We strive to build more ecologically sustainable and resilient structures by implementing a holistic construction approach that encompasses energyefficient

designs, sustainable material use and waste reduction strategies.


As Kuzu Group, we celebrated our 80th anniversary in 2023. As new generations, we also carry the feeling and determination to do the best, the rightest and the most beneficial for this country, which our family elders have carried for 80 years.

Our biggest goal in the Türkiye Century is to be the representative of the virtue of this land, enthusiasm for work, determination to learn, work ethic and compassion in the world.


I would like to thank all our stakeholders who

supported us on this journey and offer our respect

and love.


Özen Kuzu

Chairman of the Board of Directors