Chairman’s Message

  Chairman of the Board





Esteemed Stakeholders,


As Kuzu Group, which has made it a priority to contribute to the people and the economy of the country in every project it drew, every
foundation it dug, and every concrete it poured with its 77 years of experience, we did not slow down our investments and constructions during the pandemic process. We continued our international and domestic projects, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, with the support of our hardworking and devoted colleagues.


Last year, we completed the Western Phase of 770 residences of the SeaPearl Ataköy Project in Istanbul, which offers residents an experience of Istanbul that they have never experienced before. We continued the construction of SeaPearl Ataköy, the first hotel project of our group, without slowing down. We will deliver this project in 2021.


While we are proud of all these projects, we, as Kuzu Group, also experienced the pride of starting a project that has a different importance for us. During this period, we witnessed the faithful work of our healthcare professionals, and we once again saw the strength of our country’s health system, setting an example for other countries. The fact that Kuzu Group’s hospital project coincided with the pandemic process made us work more enthusiastically on this project.


We started the Medicana Project, which will host 218 rooms, 31 departments, 73 outpatient clinics, 8 operating rooms, 2 delivery rooms and an emergency department in Ataköy, Istanbul. We will deliver our project, which will strengthen the health system of our country, in 2022.


Apart from our current business, we, as Kuzu Group, follow the tender processes of many large treatment projects in internationally funded environmental projects in countries such as Montenegro, Macedonia, Belarus, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan in competition with the world’s leading multinational companies. With the awareness that we are in the age of information technologies, we continue to maintain our leading position in the Turkish treatment and infrastructure sector and to represent Turkey in the best way abroad, by signing quality works in a short time.


Kuzu Group continues to work with all its strength to contribute positively to the lives of its citizens, the economy of the country and the infrastructure of every country where its projects are located around the world. The pandemic negatively affected the real estate sector in our country as well as every sector in every country of the world. However, we were least affected by this negative effect, first with the visionary steps and decisions of our government and our state, and then with our prudent approach. 2020 is like an athlete in a long jump competition for our industry taking a step back to jump longer. I have full faith in the Turkish real estate sector and the Kuzu Group that we will jump longer distances in 2021 and beyond than we have ever jumped before.


I would like to thank all our stakeholders and their families for their support throughout the year, and I wish everyone a healthy and happy day during the pandemic process. Sincerely yours,



Chairman of the Board