Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To contribute to our country’s strengths in an increasingly competitive global market; to develop our research and innovation capabilities; and to maintain our industry leadership position with our highly qualified workforce and quality policy.


Our Mission

To contribute to a more harmonious, balanced and sustainable environment by producing people-oriented structures and solutions, giving top priority to human capital and know-how, and using advanced technology in accordance with our cultural heritage.


Our Quality Policy

As a leading construction company, we are committed to improving customer and employee satisfaction, and the efficiency of our Quality Management System by:


•  Fully complying with the specifications and requirements set forth in customer contracts,

•  Delivering projects in a timely and exact manner,

•  Hiring qualified personnel,

•  Keeping abreast of technological developments,

•  Ensuring employee engagement,

•  Taking all necessary health and safety measures to protect our employees and the environment

•  Preventing mistakes before they occur