Social Responsibility



Continuously working to enhance its eco-friendly urban development approach, Kuzu Group operates with the full awareness of its huge responsibility in preserving the balance between people and nature.


Kuzu Group operates with the full awareness of its huge responsibility in maintaining the balance between people and nature. The effectiveness of Kuzu Group’s environmental policies was confirmed when it received TS-EN-ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification from TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) in 2004.


In its business processes, the Group places great importance on the environment, implementing projects that boost the living standards of the community while also enriching nature in all the regions where it executes projects and operations. Reconciling the natural environment and technology with its innovative perspective and continuously improving its eco-friendly urban development approach, Kuzu Group operates with the full awareness of its huge responsibility in preserving the balance between people and nature. To this end, all Kuzu Group companies take measures necessary to minimize the possible negative impact of their operations on nature, utilize natural resources in the most efficient manner and minimize any damage to the environment.


In today’s world, environmental pollution, irresponsible use of natural resources, and global warming threaten the life on earth. As a leading player in the construction industry, Kuzu Group develops all projects in accordance with the green building concept.


Kuzu Group conducts in-depth studies to formulate permanent solutions that address Environmental pollution in Turkey, and to broaden social awareness on this important issue.


The Group not only aligns all of its construction practices with a nature friendly approach, but also makes a permanent contribution to the environment by building highly energy efficient structures. Kuzu Group makes a point of constructing buildings using an eco-friendly, environmentally focused approach.


Kuzu Group designed and developed Kuzu Effect LEED®, a prestigious development project consisting of residential housing units, offices and a business center. A specialized consultancy service was received to ensure the energy and water efficiency of the project at every stage: The project has been granted USGBC NC Gold certification in recognition of its excellence in these areas. Once completed, the project will be the first mixed-use building in Ankara to apply for LEED Gold certification, the most sought after eco-friendly building certificate in Turkey and worldwide. Thanks to the diversified assessment systems offered by the LEED Certification Scheme, LEED Certificates can be obtained for all kinds of structures. According to their characteristics, a building can receive certified, silver, gold or platinum level certificates on the basis of ratings by LEED AP.


Sustainable terrains, water efficiency, interior space quality, innovation, layout and transport are just some of the key criteria for LEED Gold certification. SeaPearl Ataköy is also being built with eco – friendly materials that conform to the “green building” concept. Energy-efficient lighting and control systems are used throughout. Skylights are installed in common areas to maximize the use of natural light. The undulating exterior design allows fresh sea air to flow into the inner parts of Ataköy. Each apartment has its own terrace garden covered with natural grass, providing more green space across the entire development. Thanks to its deep know-how and experience, Kuzu Group demonstrated a rapid ascent in environmental technologies, which it has designated as a new strategic business line. It has assumed the construction, maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment plants in a number of cities including İstanbul, Antalya and Bursa. Today, the Group has established itself as the builder and operator of Turkey’s leading and largest wastewater treatment plants. Fully aware of its responsibility to contribute to the creation of a sustainable planet and clean waters, the Group conducts research on and puts into practice top efficiency technologies in wastewater treatment plants. In line with its entrepreneurial approach in the area of environmental technologies, Kuzu Group has assumed the operation for ten years of giant of water/day in order to preserve the natural balance of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus Strait.


The Group also built in Istanbul six large wastewater treatment facilities with a 3 million resident (population equivalent) capacity in yet another of its environmentally-friendly projects. Meanwhile, in its wastewater treatment plants in Bursa, Kuzu Group treats 500,000 m3 wastewater treatment plants which treat 3 million m3 of water and eliminates 400 tons of treatment sludge each day. As such, the Group does its utmost and plays an important role in reducing the rising pollution in Bursa in particular and across the Marmara Sea as a whole.


Kuzu Group Code of Business Ethics and Conduct


KUZU Group’s Declaration of Ethical Business Principles

Kuzu Group; building happiness, trust, and peace

KUZU having a leading position in the construction sector both at home and abroad, with its human-oriented service approach, acts with the same sensitivity and social responsibility in all areas of activity in order to create environment-friendly living spaces.

The principles and rules of business ethics outlined in this document are established within the framework of internationally accepted standards.” KUZU group Code of Business Ethics and conduct ” document it can be accessed from the website.

KUZU Group Business Ethics and Code of Conduct


Purpose and scope:

The purpose of business ethics is to ensure that we have a common understanding of what is expected of us and what is not expected of us in our work related to the areas we are responsible for, as well as the existing regulations and rules in our company. This work sets out the principles of business ethics that define us as a company and sets out some practical and guiding rules that will help us understand and follow these principles. These guidelines are designed to include the most common issues and provide insight into the basic rules that must be adhered to for our business. These rules apply to all employees and managers of companies within our group. We also care that the people and organizations with whom we do business comply and respect our business ethics rules.


Our top ethical values and principles:

* Impartiality, Fairness, Transparency

Kuzu Group does not discriminate between its employees, customers, subcontractors, and suppliers in all its activities due to differences such as gender, age, and nationality. It prefers an equal approach and impartial application to all its employees. It treats everyone fairly, measures, values and makes appropriate decisions on merit.


* Truth, Honesty, Trust

KUZU never frustrates the trust of his group trusts, showing the highest sensitivity in fulfilling his promises. It stays true to the facts and is honest and forthright.


* Work Ethic

Everyone in Kuzu Group is responsible for the protection and development of its respectable image and takes utmost care to ensure that their personal situation and behavior are within the framework of the general code of ethics.


* Citizenship Awareness

As Kuzu Group, it is our priority to comply with all the laws of the Republic of Turkey and the foreign countries with which we do business and to fulfill our duties in order to improve the society in which we live, as well as to add power to the economy of the country from which we receive our power.




* Our Responsibilities To Employees:

Kuzu Group aims to increase the success, development, and commitment of employees by establishing a healthy and safe working environment that is compatible with relevant laws and regulations, fair, respectful to the employee, and makes continuous improvements in this respect.


In all processes involving employees (recruitment, promotion, transfer, rotation, remuneration, reward, education, social rights, etc.) follows policies that are transparent and free from discrimination. Ensures full and correct use of personal rights. It protects the balance between business and private life. He doesn’t allow mobbing at work in any way.


Employees have the right to transfer personal problems related to their work, proposals or wishes on any subject to their superiors in accordance with the hierarchical structure.


Kuzu Group managers and employees should pay due attention to compliance with local and international regulations, generally accepted practices, standards and rules regarding occupational health and safety. Everyone within the Kuzu Group is required to comply with a “zero tolerance” policy regarding job security.


* Our responsibilities to suppliers, subcontractors, and business partners:


Kuzu Group acts with the awareness that the relationship it has established with its suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, and other business partners is important for its success. Comply with the terms and conditions of the contract.


It selects the suppliers, dealers, authorized dealers, and authorized services to work meticulously and diligently. It determines whether or not they have made ethical or illegal acquisitions by conducting investigations in accordance with the relevant principles of practice. It encourages them to fulfill their legal obligations, respect human rights, act in accordance with their work ethic and anti-corruption principles.


The supplier decides by objective criteria in the selection of the dealer, the authorized dealer, and the Authorized Service. After making the selection, KUZU group acts fairly and respectfully as expected from a good customer and takes a due care to fulfill its obligations in a timely manner. It carefully protects confidential information and personal data of the persons and organizations with which it does business and of its business partners.


* Our Responsibilities to Customers:


Kuzu Group works with a proactive and customer satisfaction-oriented approach that responds to the needs and demands of its customers in the shortest time and in the most correct way. It creates a long-term trust environment and delivers its services on time and under the promised quality conditions. It approaches its clients under rules of respect, honor, justice, equality, and civility.


It ensures that its employees and its subcontractors and suppliers comply with the KUZU group rules in order to achieve and even exceed the targeted and expected level of quality.


It protects the personal information and privacy of its customers in accordance with applicable laws. It is their basic responsibility not to provide misleading and incomplete information to their customers. It responds to the requests of its customers regarding their personal data as soon as possible and fulfills these demands within the framework of the Laws.


* Our responsibilities to competitors and Industry:


Kuzu Group competes with its competitors and sector companies on legal and ethical grounds and does so by complying with all legislation rules, especially competition law. Complies with the provisions of the law on the protection of competition and all relevant legislation. It does not abuse its power when it dominates the relevant market alone or in conjunction with other undertakings.


* Our responsibilities towards the environment and society:


Kuzu Group carries environmental and social sustainability into the company culture by making positive contributions to the environment and social life through the practices brought by the “people, environment and economy” approach that underlies every work it does.


Through the philosophy of environmental and social sustainability applied in all the projects it takes part in, it positively affects the local population and the environment, while also protecting human health, natural and cultural heritage.


As a pioneer in environmental and social issues, it acts sensitively with social responsibility awareness. It tries to take a role in civil society organizations in matters related to services in the public interest.  The society is sensitive to the issues that concern the country and supports the development of society in a positive way.


* Our Legal Responsibilities:


Kuzu Group employees comply with the legal rules of the parties with whom they have business relations and the countries in which they work and adopt the principle of acting in accordance with the International Conventions on all relevant laws, rules, and regulations in the countries where they are operating and to be entered into new.


It is the primary duty to manage, record and report all business activities and accounting systems in a full and appropriate manner according to the laws of the Republic of Turkey.


* Our responsibilities towards our brand and image:


Kuzu Group’s name, identity and brand power not to be used for personal benefit, the company’s name and image to be avoided in situations that will adversely affect the most important responsibilities.


We do not work with those who damage the morals of society and harm the environment and the health of society.


All our employees and business partners should express their views, not their own, but only the views of our company in cases that may put the KUZU Group brand and image at risk.


Our Core Policies:


KUZU Group has established a policy that is committed to the values of business ethics, is accountable, has an understanding of fair governance, acts in harmony with laws and regulations and supports the principles of human rights.


* Conflict Of Interest Policy:


A conflict of interest refers to the fact that employees have any interest in themselves, their relatives, friends, or other persons or entities with whom they are involved, and any material personal interest in relation to them, which affects or may affect their duties impartially.


* Employees must comply with legal regulations and the company’s code of Business Ethics in all circumstances.


* Employees may not benefit from their title and entitlement to unfair benefits in favor of themselves, their relatives or third parties. They cannot obtain commercial benefits by leaking any information belonging to the company from the inside, nor can they be instrumental in the benefit of third parties.


* If it is learned that relatives have a share or financial interest in another company in which they have a commercial relationship, they should inform their superior officer.


* No special business relationship can be entered into with the persons and/or organizations with which Kuzu Group has commercial relations, such as customers, subcontractors or suppliers, no borrowing money and/or goods-services can be obtained and no borrowing money and/or goods-services can be provided.


* Care must be taken not to interfere with his personal investments or any other business activities in terms of giving him time and attention to his duties which are already in progress.


* Open to general participation by the institutions with business relations; conferences, receptions, promotional activities, domestic/foreign trips, seminars, etc. other invitations that are impressive in making decisions are subject to the approval of the company.


* Employees may not accept any gift, cash, cash convertible gift voucher or interest discount offers that are given in accordance with legal and commercial Customs, Customs and customs, or create the impression of concession or reference other than memorabilia (chocolate, flowers, etc.), promotional materials.


* Employees are required to use and protect company assets and resources duly and in accordance with local/international law. In this context, the resources and assets of the company deposited due to the task may not be used for special purposes, interests, and interests.


* What may be the gifts and promotional materials to be given to customers, dealers and other third parties involved in business relations are approved by Kuzu Group senior management. Distribution of Approved Gifts and promotional materials does not require additional permission.


* Employees can make speeches and write professional articles on topics that are not contrary to company policies. In order to use the company name in these activities, approval must be obtained from the management.


* Employees of the company, individually and voluntarily, can be active in any Social Solidarity Association.


* Employees may make personal financial or moral assistance and/or donations to third parties outside the company and may take part in charity associations.


Employees may not engage in acts or act contrary to morality, law, and discipline of the company.


* Employees should consider the company’s interests in the use of resources to be made on behalf of the company. Company assets, facilities, and personnel cannot be used outside the company. The principle of saving on every issue is applied by all staff.


* Employees in business hours should use the time well. They cannot devote time to their private business and managers cannot assign employees for their personal business.


* It is essential that no special visitors are accepted during working hours. Employees are required to complete within a reasonable time so as not to interfere with the workflow for mandatory visitors.


* Protection of Confidential Information Policy:

Confidential and private information includes information that would disadvantage our company in terms of competition, trade secrets, financial and other information that has not yet been disclosed to the public, personal rights of personnel and information within the framework of confidentiality agreements concluded with third parties.


As Kuzu Group, we protect the privacy and security of the personal data of our customers, employees, consumers, and others and comply with the laws particularly Law no. 6698 governing how we use this information.


Company information cannot be disclosed to third parties unless disclosure is required by official authorities and legislation.


* Company information cannot be changed, copied or destroyed. The necessary precautions are taken to keep the information carefully, to keep it safe and not to reveal it. Changes to the information are recorded together with its history.

* Confidential files cannot be removed from the institution. For confidential information that needs to be removed from the institution, the approval of the responsible or senior management of the information must be obtained.

* Passwords, user codes and similarly identifying information used to access company information are kept confidential and not disclosed to anyone other than authorized users.

* Confidential information cannot be discussed in public places such as dining halls, cafeterias, elevators, service cars and so on.

* Confidential information is clearly stated according to their degree of confidentiality. Employees are aware of the degree of confidentiality of the information they obtain in accordance with their duty and act in accordance with this confidentiality.

* In the event that information is shared with third parties and/or organizations in the interest of the company, a confidentiality agreement is signed or a written confidentiality commitment is taken from the other party in order to guarantee that the responsibility of these individuals and organizations regarding the security and protection of the shared information is understood.

* Unsubstantiated statements and/or gossip about individuals or institutions cannot be made.

* Personal information is confidential and cannot be disclosed to anyone other than the authorities. The personnel’s information is sent privately. It is strictly prohibited for personnel to disclose this information to others or to pressure other employees to disclose the information.

* Employees leaving the company due to their duties with confidential information and documents and project regulations etc. they can’t take out work like that.

* It is our priority to take the necessary measures and make arrangements for confidentiality obligations for those who leave work in the name of protecting company Privacy.


* Occupational Health and Safety Policy:


Kuzu Group organizes Occupational Health and safety for its employees at work and at work and does the necessary work for it.

Kuzu Group adopts the principle that occupational health and safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees.


* Employees act in accordance with the rules and instructions laid down for this purpose and take the necessary measures.

* Employees may not keep any items or items of an illegal nature that are dangerous to the workplace and/or workers.

* Except for those in possession of a valid doctor’s report, employees do not possess substances that restrict or eliminate drugs, addictions, mental or physical Angels in the workplace. They cannot work at work and within the scope of work while under the influence of such substances.


* Political and Social Activity Policy:


Company resources (such as vehicles, computers, e-mail) cannot be allocated to politically motivated activities. Donations cannot be made to political parties, politicians or political candidates. Demonstrations, propaganda and similar activities are not allowed within the boundaries of the workplace.


Membership in any non-governmental organization representing the company and participation in its activities can be realized within the knowledge of the company.


Ethical Code of Conduct and Application Management:


Those who violate business ethics rules or company policies and procedures will be subject to disciplinary sanctions that may lead to their dismissal if necessary. Disciplinary sanctions will also apply to those who are aware of these issues and do not make the necessary notification appropriately. Lamb group must notify its employees and managers of the” ethical code of Conduct and Practice Management.” Employees must understand, accept, and perform the specified tasks; they must habituate ethical behavior while doing their jobs. Lack of knowledge of ethical rules and similar regulations does not exempt them from their responsibilities.


* Notification Obligation of Violations:


If employees find out or suspect a violation of the company’s Code of ethical conduct or the laws and regulations that the company is subject to, they are obliged to forward it to the relevant unit manager.


The identity of the complainants is kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties.


* Any employee who makes good faith notice is not allowed to be threatened or harm that employee in any way at work or outside.  This type of behavior is interpreted as a violation of the code of ethics and the necessary disciplinary action is applied.

* It is a very important consideration that the Notifier is free of any intentions such as gossiping about the tipped off or trying to negatively affect his or her career. In this respect, confidentiality, objectivity, and compliance with ethical rules in the reporting and investigation process is a critical issue. It is imperative that both the notified persons and the persons managing the relevant process pay the utmost attention to this matter.

* When false and / or defamatory intentional notices are detected, they are interpreted as a violation of the code of ethics.

* Employees are raised to support management in ensuring the effectiveness of the notification mechanism.

* Discipline Practice

The following disciplinary penalties are imposed following the ethical code of Conduct violations:

* If misconduct is found to have been done knowingly, it is dismissed in accordance with the relevant articles of the labor law without taking into account the useful work it has done in the past and legal action is initiated if deemed necessary.

* The notification mechanism should be considered to be in the interest of the company.

In case of negligence arising from carelessness or ignorance, verbal or written warning is given.

* Written record is kept from the beginning of the investigation process. The relevant unit may request information, documents, and evidence related to the investigation.



Kuzu Group has made a significant contribution to education and broadened social awareness with schools it has built.


Kuzu Group has contributed to the Turkish educational system by constructing around 100 schools across the country.


As such, Kuzu Group had made major contributions to cultivating highly competent individuals for the nation and raising the literacy level.



Kuzu Group has also made significant contributions to medical and healthcare services by constructing more than 20 hospitals and health clinics in Turkey.


Constructed by Kuzu Group and inaugurated in 2015, Mardin Public Hospital is a smart building facility equipped to respond to a comprehensive range of healthcare needs.


Kuzu Group broke ground on Siirt Public Hospital in 2011, completing and inaugurating the facility in 2014.


Social Development

Kuzu Group has contributed to the social development not only with its projects but also all landscaping work, social facilities such as schools, mosques, hospitals, dormitories, health clinics, and the like.


Kuzu Group’s construction of satellite cities in Iran and Algeria, infrastructure projects and recreation areas overseas were also important contributions to social well-being and employment levels in those locales. As such, Kuzu Group has bolstered economic and social growth not only in Turkey but also internationally.