About Kuzu Group

Established by Abdülkerim Kuzu and his three siblings as a family company in 1943, Kuzu İnşaat Ltd. Şti. advanced, growing stronger with Garip, Gökçen, Güven, and Özen Kuzu, who took over the business following the death of Abdülkerim Kuzu. The management of the second generation continues today at Kuzu Group, which constantly supports the development dynamics of Turkey.

Rising steadily for the past 79 years, Kuzu Group adopts the vision of being a leading player in all its business lines through the projects undertaken on three continents, namely Asia, Europe and Africa. Kuzu Group applies a sustainability approach in all of its projects. The Group is representing quality and trust in the sector and continues with its investments aimed at contributing to human welfare and a more inhabitable world.

Kuzu Group creates value by focusing on strong designs, quality, innovative ideas and ecological balance to adapt luxury to everyday life and improve the quality of life. It also integrates latest technological trends into its line of production as part of its infrastructure, superstructure and environmental technologies projects. Thanks to 79 years of accumulated sector know-how, Kuzu Group as a global company is rapidly carrying on with its project activities both in Turkey and abroad. The Group has grabbed a place in the “Top 250 International Contractors” list compiled by ENR (Engineering News Record) each year since 2015. While Kuzu Group rose from 147th rank to 142nd rank in the list in 2020, it experienced the pride of rising from 18th rank to 16th rank among 44 Turkish contractors.

Kuzu Group continues to undertake sustainable, functional, high-quality, ecofriendly, modern and luxurious projects with the aim of becoming one of the world’s top 20 construction companies. The Group is currently carrying out construction on 7,700,000 m2 of land in the Middle East and Africa on 466 thousand m2 of land within Turkey.

These include SeaPearl Ataköy, Spradon Houses, Spradon Towers, Spradon Terrace Houses, Spradon Residence, Spradon Quartz, Spradon Vadi Houses and Divan Residence in Istanbul; and Park Vadi Houses, Park Vadi Premium, Park Vadi West Houses, Divan Houses and Divan Shopping Center in Ankara. Kuzu Group completed projects that offered customers a combination of high-quality, comfortable living spaces and vast social reinforcements.

Furthermore, Kuzu Group completed Kuzu Effect and Kumru Ankara projects as the capital city’s first LEED Gold targeted projects, and therefore offered prestigious living spaces to the capital city, Ankara.

Thanks to its novel housing concepts, ecofriendly structures, creative architectural designs, and the focus on creating livable spaces, Kuzu Group became the go-to brand for people looking for their dream houses. The Group completed the first-phase delivery of 631 housing units at SeaPearl Ataköy, Istanbul’s only seafront premium project. Kuzu Group completed the second phase of the project with 770 residences in 2020. The project boasts a budget worth USD 2.7 billion, and incorporates a hotel with 204 rooms and 62 residences, which is to become one of the new icons of Istanbul with its unique architecture and ultraluxury concept. The world-famous hotel will open its doors in 2021.

Thanks to its vast experience in the construction sector and World class innovative ideas, Kuzu Group is expanding its Turkey-wide projects to the international arena.

Kuzu Group also continues its satellite city constructions in Iran and Algeria and a construction of 30,500 housing units in Algeria. In 2010, the Group won the tender for Maskan Mehr, the largest social housing estate Project won in Iran with a single contract, and completed 20,000 housing units in the city of Parand in 2013. 37,000 housing units are currently being constructed in Pardis. The project also involves infrastructure construction and development of social areas. In addition, the largest wastewater treatment plant of Iran with a daily capacity of 520 thousand m3 is being constructed by Kuzu Group.

Kuzu Group also holds a leading role in environmental technologies, one of the most important sectors of the future. With treatment plant projects it operates or constructs since 2003, the Group also contributes to a sustainable future.

Kuzu Group’s operations in Istanbul include 68 pumping stations, nine pretreatment plants, and 41 advanced biological wastewater treatment plants, with more than 650 employees. In the meantime, the Group’s presence in Bursa includes five advanced biological wastewater treatment plants, four pretreatment plants, 67 pumping stations, 42 package treatment plants, 65 natural wastewater treatment plants, and eight drinking water treatment plants, with over 300 employees.

The Group has undertaken the design and construction of nine plants up to date, treating a total 4 million m3 of water per day in Istanbul and Bursa and serving a population of 15 million. Kuzu Group, which has taken the operation of all wastewater treatment plants on the European side of Istanbul until January 2022 with the tender it won in 2019, also constructs and operates wastewater and drinking water treatment plants in cities such as Bursa and Antalya, as well as in Istanbul. The Group, which started to work with BUSKI in Bursa in 2012, has taken the East, West and Urban Solid Waste plants into operation. With the tender won in Bursa in 2017, the operation of all plants started to be carried out by Kuzu Group.

The Group also began constructing and operating a Fluidized Bed Sludge Incineration and Power Generation Facility as a first in Turkey. This facility includes wastewater treatment plants within BUSKİ and has a total daily capacity of processing 400 tons of sludge in fluidized beds which is then incinerated to generate energy.

Carrying its extensive domestic experience to overseas, the Group won the tender for the construction of Iran’s largest wastewater treatment plant to be erected in Western Tehran.

Furthermore, in 2019 Kuzu Group won the tender for the construction of the Bourj Hammoud Wastewater Treatment Plant, financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the most significant environmental investment in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The Group is now the first Turkish company to undertake a wastewater treatment plant Project with the Lebanese Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR).

Apart from its current business, Kuzu Group follows the tender processes of many large treatment projects in internationally funded environmental projects in countries such as Montenegro, Macedonia, Belarus, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan in competition with the world’s leading multinational companies. Driven by the awareness that we are now in the age of information technologies, Kuzu Group produces high-quality works in a short span of time, sustains its prominent role in treatment and infrastructure sector and continues to represent Turkey abroad in the best manner possible.

In recognition of its world class operations, Kuzu Group has been granted ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety certifications. The Group stands out as the Construction and Infrastructure Company that operates within an integrated management system.

Kuzu Group – thanks to its people-oriented services understanding – holds a leading role in the construction sector both in Turkey and abroad. The Group sensitively operates in all its activity areas with a strong sense of social responsibility aiming at creating nature-friendly living spaces.

Following innovations and sustaining its prominent place in the sector, Kuzu Group contributes to the development dynamics of Turkey. Kuzu Group continues to steadily grow by attaining new achievements each year. In the upcoming periods, the Group will focus on R&D activities and undertake more diversified investment activities.