BUSKİ Municipal Solid Waste Storage Leachate Treatment Plantand Discharge Line

The treatment plant was designed in two stages to provide treatment of 500 m3/day of liquid leachate in 2020, and rising to 1,000 m3/day by 2030.

Operation Project Start Date: May 2012


Operation End Date: December 2021

Project Description


The treatment plant was designed intwo stages to provide treatment of 500 m3/day of liquid leachate in 2020, and rising to 1,000 m3/day by 2030.


The Hamitler Solid Waste Leachate Treatment Plant consists of a threestage biological treatment and sludge dewatering system.


  • Acid Cleaning and Neutralization Unit (Sewer Line)
  • Sewer Pumping Station
  • Aerated (Aerobic) Lagoons
  • Facultative Lagoons
  • Sequencing Batch Reactors
  • Sludge Dewatering Units


The plant was constructed on the Mudanya Road in the Hamitler region next to the Municipal Solid Waste Regular Storage Field and treats filtrate solid wastewater that has a high pollution load. The filtrate water that comes from the Kent Solid Waste Regular Storage Field is being transferred to the treatment plant through two transmission lines, one of them serving as back-up. Only one of these transmission lines is operational, the second line is kept as a back-up option in case of blockage/petrification.


Municipal Solid Waste Storage Field Filtrate Water Treatment Plant has a hydraulic design capacity of Q=500 m3/day and was designed to provide an organic weight capacity of COD=15,000 kg/day and BOD=7,500 kg/day. The treatment process is completed in three stages. The units operational in the process chronologically are as follows: aerated lagoons, facultative lagoons and sequencing batch reactors (AKR). The plant was designed in three stages with two lagoons each, and with piping and valve options, and aerated and facultative lagoons which can be operated in parallel or consecutively.


Additional sludge is eliminated after being dewatered with the belt press located in the operation building. Treated water is first transferred to the Geçit Pumping Station through the DB 300 discharge line, which is 2,500 meters long, and then to the West Wastewater Treatment Plant. The contract signed includes the plant as well as operation and maintenance services of the discharge line used to transfer treated water.


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