ISKI Silivri Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant

İSKİ Silivri Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant services 350,000 people with a capacity of 73,000 m3/day.

Operation Start Date: January 2017


Operation Ending Date: January 2022

Project Description


The plant that has a total capacity of 73,000 m3/day servicing a total population of 350,000 treats wastewater using an advanced biological method. The treated water is discharged into the receiving body after particles like carbon, nitrogen and phosphor are eliminated.


The project aims to;

  • Wastewater treatment in the district of Silivri Central and the surrounding neighborhoods of Ali Paşa, Cumhuriyet, Fatih, Gazitepe, Mimarsinan and Piri Mehmet Paşa;
  • Treatment of wastewater collected at the Silivri Central, Fener Village, Alipaşa and Gazitepe Collectors for discharge into the Marmara Sea, the receiving environment.


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