Maskan Mehr Project / Parand

The Maskan Mehr project in Iran is the world’s largest single-contract social housing complex project.

Housing Units: 20,000


Number of Floors: 16


Total Construction Area: 2,105,924 m2


Date of Completion: November 2013


Apartment Layouts: 2+1, 3+1

Project Description


Following the contract it signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Ministry of Roads and Urbanization in 2010, Kuzu Group completed the 20,000-housing unit project in 3 years and delivered it in 2013. As part of the Maskan Mehr project which is the world’s largest singlecontract social housing project, the Kuzu Group constructed a total of 2,105,924 m2 of land in the Parand city encompassing landscape planning and living space designs whereby the Group made an important contribution to the development of satellite cities in Iran.


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