Park Vadi Houses / Park Vadi Premium Houses

An intelligent way of life

Housing Units: 1,131


Commercial Unit: 10


Park Vadi Houses Housing Units: 1,055


Park Vadi Premium Housing Units: 76


Total Construction Area: 373.727 m2


Total Land Area: 90,808 m2


Project Description


Situated in Çankaya, Ankara, Park Vadi Houses and Park Vadi Premium Houses Project rise on the two sides of the Dikmen Valley. As such, it gives residents the chance to live amid a lush natural environment in the heart of a large city.


Kuzu Group completed Park Vadi Project – the first luxury housing project in Ankara developed under a revenue-sharing model – in 2009. Ankara Park Vadi Houses, comprising of 18 blocks with 12, 17 and 23 floors, includes all the components for a peaceful, comfortable, yet engaging social life. Onsite amenities include a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, daycare center, basketball court, landscaped areas, Turkish bath, sauna, sports center, cafes and sunbathing terrace. There are 1,131 housing units in the project.


Since Park Vadi Premium is a smart housing complex, the homes can be controlled remotely via mobile phones or the Internet, thanks to the building automation system. The complex uses the VRV system for heating and cooling; as such, temperatures can be set individually for each room. Ankara Park Vadi Premium’s smart homes are equipped with fingerprint recognition door locks, automatic door locking systems as well as magnetic window alarms. Park Vadi Premium features duplex and triplex houses in the range of 261-517 m2 with room layouts of 4+1 and 5+1. Park Vadi Houses, additionally, consist of duplex houses in the range of 100-468 m2 with room layouts of 2+1 to 6+2. The project was delivered in March 2009.


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