Projects in Algeria

Kuzu Group applies the tunnel formwork system in the projects involving the construction of 30,500 housing units.

Housing Units: 30,500


Total Construction Area: 1,674,000 m2


Number of Floors: 5, 9, 15


Apartment Layouts: 2+1 - 3+1


Reghaia Housing Units: 8,400


Khemis El Khechna Housing Units: 3,400


Blida Housing Units: 13,200


Annaba Housing Units: 5,500

Project Description


Kuzu Group continues its operations in the Algerian cities of Reghaia, Blida, Khemis Al Khechna and Annaba. Construction on these development projects commenced in 2014 with the contract signed with the National Housing Rehabilitation and Development Agency (AADL) affiliated with the Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Urbanization of Algeria and continues at full speed.


Kuzu Group is building a total of 30,500 housing units; 8,400 in Reghaia, 3,400 in Khemis El Khechna, 13,200 in Blida, and 5,500 in Annaba by applying a tunnel formwork system. The projects consist of 5, 9 and 15-floor blocks of 2+1 and 3+1 apartments between 70 m2 and 85 m2 in size. Kuzu Group continues with its construction operations in important cities of Algeria on a total area of 1,674,000 m2 building satellite cities including social spaces and landscapes.


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